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Steering Gear

Hatlapa's steering gear portfolio comprises 4-cylinder ram-type steering gear up to 8,893 kNm, 2-cylinder ram-type steering gear up to 950 kNm, rotary vane-type steering gear up to 1,100 kNm, twin-rudder steering gear and rudder carriers.

PDF datasheets are available for download.

46fa2db587.jpg Ram Type POSEIDON
2-ram type with 4 cylinders and incorporated rudder carrier, for rudder stock diameters up to 460 mm, max. working torque: 161-900 kNm. Also for 2 x 45° rudder angle. With hydraulic pumps of constant delivery.
78f1c1a3c7.jpg Ram Type POSEIDON ST
2-ram type with 4 cylinders. For rudder stock diameters up to 1,000 mm, max. working torque 8,893 kNm, with hydraulic pumps of constant or variable displacement.
215a28f7f2.jpg Rotary Vane Type TRITON
Rotary vane unit with fully integrated rudder carrier and guide bearings, for rudder stock diameters up to 446 mm depending on rudder angle, max. working torque up to approx. 1,100 kNm. With variable delivery pumps.
Neptune Cylinder Type NEPTUNE
Double acting cylinder type steering gear of compact design for rudder angles up to 2 x 60°. With hydraulic pumps of constant delivery. Max. working torque 950 kNm depending on rudder angle.
Duopac Compact Piston Type DUOPAC
Working torques from 40-200 kNm, rudder angle up to 2 x 70°.
bea2252973.jpg Rudder Carrier OTOS
For Hatlapa steering gear and for steering gear of other makes.
Safematic_control_cabinet_open.jpg Isolation System SAFEMATIC
Automatic isolation system for 4-cylinder / 2-ram type steering gear.
NEPTUNE Clampex Connection Tiller-Rudder Stock Connections
Clampex, cone and key-cone connections.


Download CAD models for compressors & steering gear

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