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Deck Machinery

Hatlapa offers deck machinery with:

  • Low-pressure hydraulic drive
  • Medium-pressure hydraulic drive
  • High-pressure hydraulic drive
  • A.C. electric drive (pole changing as well as frequency inverter driven)

The brand new Hatlapa-Triplex Offshore Package interactive brochure is now available for download in two languages: English and Chinese.

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PDF datasheets are available for download.

 Container Winch Rental Winches
Heavy duty offshore winches, containerised cable winches, towing winches, rewinding (spooling) winches and anchor-mooring winches of different sizes available for rental.
p_dm_1a.jpg Combined Anchor/Mooring Winches
For 40-122 mm stud link chains and chain stoppers, pulls: 30-500 kN.
p_dm_2a.jpg Anchor Capstans
For 22-78 mm stud link chains and chain stoppers.
p_dm_3a.jpg Mooring Winches
Pulls: 30-500 kN, single or double drum design, also split drums. Auto-tension available.
p_dm_4a.jpg Research Winches
For research work according to engineering requirements.
schleppwind2_01.jpg Towing Winches
For all types of tugs, also combined with cable lifters.

Chain Stoppers
Roller chain stoppers, roller blocks, hydraulic chain stoppers.


Triplex Products
Triplex AS in Averøy is a major supplier of offshore and fishing equipment. Its products include cargo rail cranes, tractioners, tensioners, shark jaws, guiding pins and multi deck handlers (MDH).

View the new HATLAPA-Triplex offshore package in PDF.

Hatlapa is FPAL registered