Becker Rudders with KSR Bearing (KING Support Rudder), high performance GSK Link System Super Twin Y Flap guarantee best possible manoeuvrability of your vessel with lowest possible fuel consumption. This type is used for rudders with an area greater as 15sqm.
These are the advantages:
  • Optimum balance and flap area
  • Minimum additional resistance induced during manoeuvring
  • Maximum rate to straighten of propeller slipstream
  • Minimum size of steering gear
  • Highest securing against flexural vibration and best values of natural vibration
  • Highest safety against cyclic stresses
  • Maximum security at little damages
  • Durable in ice
  • Easy maintenance of link system
  • Fisherman’s Grease

The Becker Rudder SA Type is an economic flap Rudder for the small and low speed vessels. River boats, supply vessels, tug boats, fishing boats or research vessels can utilise the advantage of this rudder for their own purposes. A special advantage of this rudder is given by 47% balance.
The results from this are:
  • Better covering of propeller stream
  • Reduction of the remaining forward thrust
  • Increase of side thrust
  • Smaller rudder torques
  • Smaller steering gear
  • Less stresses of steering gear